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Opticlan Ultra Thin Client 330

The UTC330 enables you to dramatically cut computing costs by sharing the untapped power of existing PCs. The UTC330 access terminal, Ethernet extension protocol, and terminal services software work together to efficiently harness excess computing capacity and enable multiple users to share a single PC. Best of all, IT staff and end users do not need special training because this end-to-end solution is easy to manage and is compatible with standard PC

CPU GC3210i , 266MHz, 16KB I-Cache, 8KB D-Cache
NOR FLASH 2MBytes , Support 8MBytes(Max)
NAND FLASH 256MBytes , Support 2GBytes(Max)
SDRAM 64Mbytes , 2 pcs, 16 Bit / pcs
  • Digital TFT , Color/Monotint/Gray LCD , resolution 1024×768(Max) , 16 Bit(65536)
  • Analog VGA
Ethernet 10 / 100M Base-T (RJ45)
USB One USB interface , compatible with USB1.1
UART One UART interface , 115200BPS(Max) , DB9 type Male
AUDIO One MIC input, 2 audio-output, variable rate 48KHz(Max) , support 20 Bits sampling resolution(Max)
JTAG One standard JTAG interface(14 PIN), can connect PC to download kernel and object code for debug NCT330
SD 1 SD interface
PS2 2 interfaces, for mouse and keyboard
Terminal quantity 30 units NCT330 can be connected, if the Server is Window Server , with 4GB memory and CPU@2GHz .One NCT330 can be connected, if the Server is Windows Professional. 30 units NCT330 can be connected, if the Server is Window Professional , and install VS NCT server software, with 4GB memory and CPU@2GHz
Protocol between Server and UTC330


RDP ( Remote Display Protocol )

Operating System Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional/Server, Windows Server 2003 , Windows Server2008 , VISTA , Linux
Application Software IE , Yahoo Message , MSN , Skype, ICQ , offices, Media Player , Email, and so on

Total 3, Power, LAN, READY

POWER : show 5Vdc power

LAN : for Ethernet connection

READY : for Ethernet status

Power 5Vdc / 1A
Ambient temperature -10 ° C ~ +55 ° C
Ambient humidity 10% ~ 90%


Download : Ultra Thin Client Driver

Download this file (thin-station.zip)thin-station.zip1845 Kb

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