Opticlan Patch Cord FC

FC to FC Connector Duplex Patch Cord

Applications Specifications Polishing and
Cable Versions
  • Fiber-optic network for telecommunications applications
  • LAN, in-house networks
  • Cable TV, MAN
  • Railway, utilities
  • CECC 86275-801/802
  • FTZ TL 6060-3015
  • For SM : PC-SM Blue Housing APC8 Green Housing
  • For MM : PC-MM Beige Housing
  • Buffered Fiber 0.9 mm
  • Simplex mode 2.4 or 3 mm
  • Duplex cable 2 x 3 mm
Properties Material
  • High packing density because E2000 connectors can be arranged in rows
  • For SM fibers (//25 um) and MM fibers (50/125 and 62.5/125um)
  • Easy to use and high tensile strength thanks to push-pull locking
  • Integrated laser and dust protection
  • Connector housing made of plastic with ceramic ferrule (2.5 mm)
  • Through-adapter housing made of plastic, with ceramic sleeve, mounted using :
    - Two M2 screws or metal clip; or
    - Integrated plastic clip (compact through-  

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